Information about the use of cookies and their impact on privacy,
as required by the applicable laws

With regard to the fulfillment of obligations under Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46 / EC, from Directive 2002/58 / EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136 / EC, Article 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, number 196, and by the general provision (web document No. 3118884) of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of 3 June 2014, register of measures n. 229 of May 8th, 2014 regarding Cookies, containing "Identification of the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies", is brought to the attention of the Visitors of the websites managed by the Orchestra Cantelli Association ("", "", "", "") the following: the site uses only technical / functional cookies solely to guarantee the correct operation of the site itself. On the other hand, the site does not collect information, neither aggregated nor personal, on the Visitors. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, how they are used and how to manage them.

Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and / or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (the browser) information to be reused during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or during a subsequent visit to the website. site, even after days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, according to user preferences, by the single browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone). There are similar technologies that can be used in a similar way to gather information on user behavior and use of services. Below we will refer to cookies and all alternative technologies related using the term "cookies".

Duration of cookies
Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until the browser is closed. Other cookies "survive" when the browser is closed and are also available in subsequent visits by the user. These cookies are called persistent and their duration is set by the server when they are created. In some cases a deadline is set, in other cases their duration is unlimited.

Types of cookies
Cookies may be classified according to their characteristics and functions:

1) Technical and functional cookies:
This type of cookie allows the correct operation of some sections of the site. They can be of two categories, persistent and session cookies:
  • persistent: once the browser is closed they are not destroyed but remain until a preset expiration date;
  • session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.
These cookies, sent by (website of the Association, hosted by the hosting provider, are necessary for some functionalities of the site (as an example, the disappearance of the banner that warns of the use of cookies takes place through the use of a persistent technical cookie, which has a default duration of 14 days); therefore, they will always be used and sent, unless the user does not modify the settings in his browser (however, the site may show operational problems). For this type of cookies, which does not allow the identification of the Visitor, no consent is required.
The website of the Cantelli Orchestra Association uses ONLY cookies of this type.

In particular only 2 cookies are used:
  1. ASPSESSIONID#, session cookie, which preserves users states across page requests, and
  2. complianceCookie, expiring after 14 days, which records that the cookie policy banner has been read and accepted.
2) Analysis and performance cookies:
They are used to collect and analyze the traffic and use of the site anonymously. These cookies, even without identifying the user, allow, for example, to detect if the same user returns to connect at different times. They also allow you to monitor the system and improve its performance and usability. The deactivation of these cookies can be performed without any loss of functionality.
The Cantelli Orchestra Association website does NOT use cookies of this type.

3) Profiling cookies:
These are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) user preferences and improve their browsing experience.
The Cantelli Orchestra Association website does NOT use cookies of this type.

4) Third-party cookies:
These cookies can be used to collect information on the use of the site by users and sent from third-party domains external to the site.
The Cantelli Orchestra Association website does NOT use cookies of this type.

Cookies management
The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies using the settings of his browser. The total or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of the site's features. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. Below are the web resources that illustrate how to access, for the most common browsers, the commands for the control of the cookies options:

  • On Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" item in the Menu Bar and then on the sub-item "Internet Options". Eventually, access the settings on the "Privacy" tab to change your cookie preferences.
  • On Microsoft Edge, follow the instructions in the link
  • On Firefox, click on the "Tools" item in the Menu Bar and then on the "Options" sub-item. Finally, access the "Privacy" settings to change your cookie preferences.
  • On Chrome, type "chrome://settings/content" in the address bar (without quotes) and change the cookie settings as desired.
  • On Safari, select "Preferences" and then select "Privacy". In the Block Cookie section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.
  • If you use Safari on portable devices, such as iPhone and iPad, you need to do this: go to the "settings" item on your device and then find "Safari" on the left menu. From here, under the heading "Privacy and security", it will be possible to manage the options on Cookies.
A link to the detailed statement (in Italian language) on the privacy management policies applied by the host provider Aruba S.p.A is reported below:

Final remarks
As already clearly illustrated above, the Visitor holds the right to refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, but we remark that by disabling the use of cookies not all features of the website Orchestra Cantelli Association could be fully usable. In any case, through the action of closing the banner that warns of the use of cookies (by clicking on the word ACCETTO – I DO AGREE), or simply by continuing to use the Cantelli Orchestra Association website, the visitor explicitly approves all the conditions reported in the privacy and cookies information pages.

Information and privacy statements of independent external services linked to the site (IMPORTANT)

On the pages of the Association's website the Visitor can find hyperlinks to other websites, completely independent from the Association, proposed to provide a better service to Visitors. The Association is not in any way responsible for the content of the websites to which the Visitor should access through its website. Therefore, the existence of a link to another site does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility -implicit or explicit-  of the Association about the content of the new site being accessed, and in particular about the policy adopted for the processing and use of personal data.

Furthermore, about the specific privacy policies applied by the external services of "social network" type linked to the site, the links to the relevant information are reported below; since such policies can be very different from those adopted by the Association, visitors are invited to read them carefully, and possibly to change the management of cookies as described in this page:

Social networks:
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